Jazz Profiles from Billboard Books
Jazz Profiles: The Spirit of the Nineties
by Reginald Carver and Lenny Bernstein
(Billboard Books, 1999)

ttractive, unpretentious and immensely usable... Jazz Profiles covers 40 musicians in photo and prose, organized alphabetically by instrument. For each musician, there areJazz Profiles book a dozen or two biographical lines, a few sentences commenting on the artist's life and contributions to jazz, followed by three or four pages of excellent interviews and a concise discography. A sidebar to each photo includes comments and memories by Bernstein – how and where he took the picture, what sort of musical personality he hoped to capture (and usually did) and bits of memorabilia that help to personalize the photo.” — Phil Elwood, San Francisco Examiner


he book is not only engrossing but...a primer of who's who in today's growing jazz world...very interesting to read about who influenced whom, and when and where these jazz comers played and studied.” — Bruce Bratton, Good Times


fine introduction to the work and ideas of the ‘young lions’ of jazz... providing an overall sense of where these musicians find themselves within the culture of jazz.” — Library Journal


've known Lenny for more than 35 years. He goes beyond the camera. His love for the music really comes through.” — McCoy Tyner, pianist


hen I look at your photos, they remind me of what art is supposed to be about – the universal language.” — David Sanchez, saxophonist

can tell that you have an eye. You sure do know how to capture the feeling.” — Avery Sharpe, bassist